Elisabeth von Uhl

Elisabeth von Uhl earned an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College.  Her work has been published in Lunch Ticket, The Cortland Review, SHIFT, cream city Review, The Watershed Review, and other journals and anthologies. She has also earned scholarships and fellowships to the Postgraduate Writing Conference, Prague Summer Writer's Seminar, and Greenwich Village Writing workshop.  Her chapbook, Ocean Sea, which was a semi-finalist in the Black Lawrence Press Chapbook Contest, has been published by Finishing Line Press. 

Currently, Elisabeth von Uhl aims to make poetry a more accessible and visual experience by stenciling thoughtful lines of poetry (copyright held by Elisabeth von Uhl ) onto creamy white, tidy canvases for purchase.  To see her work as an attempt to disrupt public space by stenciling lines of thoughtful poetry around her community, follow her Instagram (@elisabethvonuhl).

Elisabeth von Uhl is based in the Bronx and teaches in the English Department at the City College of New York.  She lives with her husband, young son, and dog, Cheddar.   


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